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Re: first steps (was The other parts of the report...)

2004-09-12 07:33:23

If we follow the combo path, we also commit ourselves to breaking the
function into multiple pieces - which may discriminate against a solution
where other suppliers of services may be able to do "the whole thing" more
effectively than they can do parts of it.

that may be the case but (imo) having some of the functions separable
gives us more flexibility in the future - for example there are
quite a few companies which run mailing lists as a core business - it
seems to me that we are in a stronger position to ensure that the
mailing list management function is well done by having alternative
vendors in the wings - I think this can be done for some specific 
functions (mailing list and meeting management seem to fit in this
category) while other functions would not be easily portable (for
example, the clerk function requires an extensive understanding 
of how the IETF works inside and would be quite hard to swap 
to a new vendor)

thus, I think that the combo way provides us the better way


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