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Re: first steps (was The other parts of the report...)

2004-09-12 07:22:12

--On lørdag, september 11, 2004 17:06:53 -0400 scott bradner <sob(_at_)harvard(_dot_)edu> wrote:

imo it would least disruptive to follow option #3 (combo path)
and try to negotiate a sole source contract with Foretec/CNRI for
what Carl called the clerk function and maybe some other functions
(imo it would be better to outsorce the management of the mailing
lists and their archives to a company in that business)

One thing that worries me about the "piecemeal" approach with some functions under sole source is that for a long time we've been operating with all functions in one body (except for RFC Editor and IANA). There are some economies of scale with integrating those functions.

If we follow the combo path, we also commit ourselves to breaking the function into multiple pieces - which may discriminate against a solution where other suppliers of services may be able to do "the whole thing" more effectively than they can do parts of it.

How much is this a problem?

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