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Re: admin director (was The other parts of the report..)

2004-09-15 03:07:00

your timeline looks very deliberate and formally correct.
However, I worry about the ability of the IETF to work constructively while knowing that its future is still in flux for that long.

So I put some dates in.

--On onsdag, september 15, 2004 11:18:00 +0200 Brian E Carpenter <brc(_at_)zurich(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com> wrote:


I fully agree. To me the only sequence of events that makes sense is

1. Agree on the job description. (But it needs to drafted by a small
group first.)

September/October 2004. We have a draft job description in appendix E of the report, and very few (no?) specific comments on that draft.

2. Ask ISOC to fund a position for 1 year, and hire someone. (But
the IETF leadership has to be intimately involved in the
hiring process.)

Budget approval: October/November. Not a problem, I think.
If search takes 3 months: February 2005 for the hire.

3. Have the new person develop a budget model and the RFP. (But
the IETF community gets to review the draft RFP.)

If the person does not know the IETF intimately: May 2005 (3 months).
Considerably shorter if person accepts previous work - but that runs into almost the same issues as "RFP sent out before hire".

Contracts: Fall 2005.

4. Worry about whether to create a separate legal entity later.


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