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Re: Scenario O Re: Upcoming: further thoughts on where from here

2004-09-23 07:53:45
I think that this (scenario 0) is the right approach to follow. It appears to me to be the lowest risk path consistent with the needs that have been identified.

Two minor comments:
1) The references to "the IASF bank account" should probably be relaxed to "IASF fund accounts" or "IASF accounts". As written, it presumes that there is exactly one bank account, and that separation of funds is by bank control. While the later is probably a good idea, I don't think this BCP is the place to call that out. And the exact number of bank accounts used by IASF (0, 1, 5, or ...) is not a concern for this BCP.

2) The schedule calls for seating the IAOC on January 15, and hiring the IAD by the end of January. Given that the search committee can not be appointed until the board is seated, it seems that item is either an impossible schedule or assumes facts not in evidence.

Joel M. Halpern

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