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Re: Poll: Restructuring questions

2004-09-24 10:06:30
Since you've gone through the trouble of creating a web page, it would be
really nice to have links to all the relevant restructuring docs, existing
procedures and so on. I was looking for just such a link to point my
readers to so that they could join or follow these discussion, but I gave
up and thought "we'll cover it when it's a done deal."

But if you could do, you have until Monday for the next issue :-) All I
really need is a link to a page which says "coming soon" at this stage.


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On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

The discussion on IETF restructuring has had a few strong voices, some
different opinions, and a lot of listeners.

My talks with people have convinced me that many of those who have said
nothing are indeed following the debate - some of them have opinions on
what to do, some think that others are better positioned to decide than
they are, and some thinkm other things.

So we are trying another mechanism to get your input.
There's a poll up at
<> that gives you a
chance to say that you're listening - and IF you have an opinion on the
current alternative scenarios, to state it.

If you do not speak up (by either choosing or by telling us different) then
the IESG/IAB have no idea how to read that silence. So please do respond,
and if you do not have an opinion or have not yet had the time/energy to
evaluate, please at least show us that you saw this poll request, by
answering the first question.

So please - take a look, and tell us that you're listening.


Thank you!

                   Harald, for the IESG and IAB

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