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Re: Poll: Restructuring questions

2004-09-24 09:44:58

On 24 sep 2004, at 11.20, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

So please - take a look, and tell us that you're listening.


I think the poll was a good idea, I hope lots of people take it. I know I had been reading and generally agreeing with some of the folks and the poll is a good forcing function for response.

Since my comments are slightly longer then short:

I agree with those who are arguing for Scenario 0 and agree with most of the arguments, about complexity and timing. I also believe that a version of C remains a possibility in the future should scenario 0 not work. Though I think it could.

I also agree with those who argue that we need an accurate job description for the IAD, and need it soon. I think the startup process seems reasonable. the timing is challenging, but I believe it could be done with lots of hard work and lots of good will.

I also agree that 2 IAOC members should be selected by Nomcom - I have argued before why I consider then qualified to chose. I would have argued for more, since I believe that 1/2 of the IAOC should be nomcom selected. However, since I agree with those who argue that the IETF chair and the IAB chair should be voting members of the IAOC, that would mean that 4 of the participants were chosen by a Nomcom process, and that seems a good enough balance.


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