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Re: Reminder: Poll about restructuring options

2004-09-28 11:09:11
% Just a reminder:
% The poll about restructuring options:
% <>
% is open until Wednesday.
% The poll does contain questions that we want EVERYONE to answer, whether 
% they have a specific opinion or not. So everyone who reads the IETF list 
% should answer the poll.
%                     Harald

        well... i answered what I could on the poll...
        i don't like strawberry or chocolate.  you might have
        made it clearer that a -third- possible answer was "something else"

        as long as the poll is open, you might make enough room
        in the little box to collect other possible ideas from 
        the vast number of folks on this exploder who were not
        interviewed or took the time earlier to contribute 
        their ideas on change.  I still remember Kobe.

Opinions expressed may not even be mine by the time you read them, and
certainly don't reflect those of any other entity (legal or otherwise).

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