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Vancouver IETF network; bogus IPv6 RAs [was: Re: jabber rooms]

2005-11-09 11:12:02
John C Klensin writes:
I hypothesize that there have been few complaints this week for the
same reason that the absence of jabber room reminders may not have
been noticed -- I've only occasionally found the network stable
enough in the meeting sessions to make use of jabber rooms effective
and useful in following what is going on.

That may only be half of the truth... the others don't complain
because they have 802.11a (5GHz) cards and found that the network has
been working great for them this week.  Of course they won't talk
about that either, because one of the reasons why 802.11a works so
well is that its users are still in the minority.

For me, IPv4 connectivity from the meeting to my "home" network in
Europe has been very good, and IPv6 connectivity even better.

The only problem I had with IPv6 was the usual one: bogus IPv6 Router
Advertisements from laptops configured as 6to4 routers.  Right now
these bogus RAs all seem to be coming from IPv6 link-local address
fe80::204:23ff:fe7a:fb3e (MAC address 00:04:23:7A:FB:3E).  Googling
these addresses shows that the same address was active at IETF62 and
IETF63.  Hm, maybe we should track that one down next time...

Anyway, I finally learned how to configure filters on my Linux laptop,
and found that the following command (as root) makes my box ignore RAs
from that particular address:

ip6tables -A INPUT -s fe80::204:23ff:fe7a:fb3e \
  --protocol ipv6-icmp --icmpv6-type router-advertisement \
  -j DROP

Hope this is helpful to some,

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