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RE: Alternative formats for IDs

2006-01-02 02:43:53

It does not matter how many people can read MSWord. 
The only supported formats should be the ones where you know 
what the format is (and not the ones that depend on particular

Why ?

If you take that as an axiom, then indeed it is easy to rule
lots of formats out.

But, what is the justification of the axiom?
Why not say - only use formats for which there are decent
editors easily available?

And why do all the other SDOs get along with non-ASCII formats?
On my intranet I have a list of 120+ SDOs in the communications
and computer-science fields, and although I haven't gone through
them all (I have asked someone to do so) I haven't found another
group that uses ASCII files.

If the axiom is so strong, then why doesn't it bother anyone else?


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