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Re: objection to proposed change to "consensus"

2006-01-02 23:05:48

On Monday, January 02, 2006 09:56:15 PM -0800 Randy Presuhn <randy_presuhn(_at_)mindspring(_dot_)com> wrote:

Hi -

section 3 says:

|   Furthermore, the authors propose that the IESG carefully consider
|   declaring consensus in support of the change even if a large number
|   of 'nays' are posted to the IESG discussion list.

I object to this text, as it might (mis)lead the reader into thinking
that the methods for declaring consensus were being modified, particularly
if this document somehow became a BCP.  To deal with this issue, I suggest
the removal of the following material from section 3:

Agree. If the authors actually wish to propose a change to the way consensus is determined in the IETF, then they should do so in a separate document. Naturally, like any process change in any organization, such a change would have to be made under the _existing_ process before it could take effect.

-- Jeff

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