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Re: An Experiment in IETF Mailing List Management

2006-01-20 17:28:28
Sam Hartman wrote:

I've prepared a draft under RFC 3933 that hopes to accomplish
this.  The draft can be found at

Sounds okay, maybe two nits:

 [quoting 3005]
Complaints regarding their decisions should be referred to
the IAB. "
In particular it appears that these decisions do not follow
the normal appeals path outlined in RFC 2026 [RFC2026].

That might be a feature, can't have the Chair juggle with his
or her hats, getting in fights and conflicts of interest.  The
general area with its general list is a special case.

This experiment runs for a period of 18 months.

Is that long enough ?  Maybe it won't be used in that time...
...checking, oh, 3933 says 12 months, so that's already longer.
Maybe it would be okay to repeat the experiment if the number
of observed usage cases is zero.
                                 Bye, Frank

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