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Re: IETF Last Call under RFC 3683 concerning JFC (Jefsey) Morfin

2006-01-20 06:46:30
Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 07:03:52AM -0500,
Margaret Wasserman <margaret(_at_)thingmagic(_dot_)com> wrote a message of 155 lines which said:

I also have found that Jefsey's posts have a higher signal-to-noise
ratio than many peoples' posts, but I am willing to chalk some of
that up to the fact that he is a non-native English speaker who is
trying to make himself understood, and so I try to be patient with
that, too.

I can testify that Jefsey Morfin's posts in french are as long, as
off-topic and as undecipherable than in english.

Maybe it is a question of time. It is not always obvious on first
sight what Jefsey means. But it is not obvious on first sight why
protocols break from time to time but break they do.

Internet Engineering is done on NANOG. IETF is far too slow and too
esoteric. The real problems do happen in operations and they must be
dealt with immediately.

What did happen does get into IETF slowly. People like Jefsey do
remember "I have seen that before. It is not noise. It will happen

People like Harald dont have the time to think about it. They stick
in operations down to their elbows. Of course those people have
different views of course they have problems communicating. But
that is exactly what Jefsey says.

The internet has changed slowly. It is no longer research. It has
become operations. But at the same time the internet has drifted
away from IETF to NANOG, RIPE and others.

How about the ROOT? You cannot discuss DNS here or at NANOG.

Nameresolution is done adhoc mostly from peer to peer systems.
The most popular operating systems of two companies do what they
feel is correct. The have the power/number of users to do it.

Outside IETF and NANOG we have ORSN, ORSC, unnamed chinese root,
OpenNic, New.Net, Cesidian root, Public-Root, Unified-Root,
United-Root and others. Dont forget the people who take their
laptop out of their box switch it on and run their own network
without even knowing it. Those people dont speak english.
But those people are our costumers.

I dont want to miss either Jefsey or Harald. We need them both.

Peter and Karin Dambier
The Public-Root Consortium
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