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Re: how to declare consensus when someone ignores consensus

2006-01-23 07:06:56
Robert Sayre writes:

I suspect the IESG will find that the folks actually trying to get
work done in the presence of JFC's emails all feel the same way. Most
of the objections seem to be coming from people concerned with
designing the perfect bureaucratic process. In any WG, there are
implementers whose support is valuable. The rest of the participants
are valuable when they fix bugs. JFC doesn't seem to fix many bugs,
and drives implementers away in droves, from what I can see.

Which implementers are those?

Implementers don't spend their time jabbering on discussion groups;
they are too busy implementing.  Analyze, specific, code, test,
release.  No need for chewing the fat on a mailing list in that
process.  And there are only so many hours in a day, so one can spend
them doing things or spend them talking about doing things, but it's
hard to manage both.

It has been suggested that I be placed under RFC 3683 sanctions in the
past, though I suppose the offending messages have always been in
response to misconduct (not a justification). I don't think the IETF
is in any danger of developing a trigger finger here.

If all the time spent discussing this most useless of RFCs were
dedicated to actually addressing real problems, what might be

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