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Re: "too many notes" -- a modest proposal

2006-01-25 21:04:13
Michael Thomas writes:

Perhaps we should take a lesson from TCP and set a receive window
on IETF mailing lists in the face of conjestion. The sender is thus
obligated to keep the transmission within the window, and as a side
effect to consider the quality of the, um, quantity. Just this simple
step would greatly limit (purposeful) DOS attacks and other death 
spirals. It also mitigates the "free speech" attacks by not throttling
based on content (which is inherently contentious), but based on
wg mailing list "bandwidth".

Sounds fine to me ... but I know it would never fly.  Some people
consider themselves "more equal than others" and would object as soon
as their "important" posts were rejected, no matter how much traffic
they were generating.  And they'd point to the occasional posters and
insist that their infrequent posts were far less worthy of inclusion
on the list.  And so on.  In other words, it would be fair, but
fairness is not what most people want.  They want total freedom for
themselves, but heavy restrictions for everyone else.

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