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Re: IETF65 hotel location

2006-01-30 12:11:19
On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Dave Crocker wrote:

Bob Braden wrote:
I don't understand why this discussion keeps going on and on, much
less why it started in the first place.

perhaps the difficulty is that you do not suffer from the problems being discussed. that is fine for you, but it does not make the problems small or secondary.

when an issue is raised repeatedly, by many different people, it almost always has some degree of inherent legitimacy. that makes it worth attending to.

some tactical problems have strategic impact. in this case, decisions which well might serve to make the ietf less inclusive ought to be taken seriously.

it used to be relatively easy and inexpensive to attend ietf meetings. this no longer holds. that excludes keeps potentially useful participants.

It also used to be easy and inexpensive to host one...

contrast say ietf 20 with ietf63.


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