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Re: draft-duerst-iana-namespace-00.txt

2008-03-03 08:04:08
Ned Freed wrote:
By all means do so if you want, but IMO it's a waste of time. It's like 
cautionary line finance folks use: Past performance is not a reliable
indication of future results. Just because someone group of implementors 
got it
right (or wrong) in the past doesn't mean the next group won't get it 
wrong (or
right) this time. What such a query is effectively trying to do is to 
prove a
negative. Good luck with that.

Again, the bottom line is that the potential for a screwup is there and 
experience tells us that the potential is sometimes, um, exploited, 
not. And that's more than sufficient to warrant discussion of the issue  
in the

Let me rephrase it then: as far as I know, there is no evidence 
whatsoever that using an HTTP based URI as an XML namespace name so far 
has caused excessive traffic.

I would argue that those who argue against their use will have to 
provide such evidence.

And yes, having the specification *warning* against automatic retrieval 
is always a good idea (see, for instance, 

BR, Julian
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