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Re: draft-duerst-iana-namespace-00.txt

2008-03-05 11:02:17
Julian Reschke wrote:
The registries for rdfschema is unused, the one for publicid only 
contains a single entry for a legacy (1997) version of HTML.

In theory the RFC 2629 DTD should be added.  In practice a bad
idea, because this DTD is still a moving target.  The CharmapML
DTDs could be candidates, if Unicode wants "public identifiers"
and puts them into an IETF RFC (in essence for write access on
the IANA registry).

AFAIK there's no resolver for the URNs, it's all about public
identifiers.  Users wishing to support them have to fetch the
DTDs (in this case) "manually" from IANA.


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