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Re: draft-duerst-iana-namespace-00.txt

2008-03-05 01:16:46
Tom.Petch wrote:
Pardon my ignorance, but what is an XML Schema name? I

As defined in RFC3688, which sets up  namespaces for
 XML namespaces
 XML schema
 XML rdfschema
 XML publicid
all using the URI scheme urn:


The registries for rdfschema is unused, the one for publicid only 
contains a single entry for a legacy (1997) version of HTML.

The XML schema registry is just an indirection layer for retrieval of 
XML Schema files (XSDs); this is why I was confused by "Schema name".

So, back to why the proposal doesn't cover XML Schema? I guess because

1) nobody asked for it, and

2) contrary to XML namespace names, XML processors *are* known to 
retrieve XSD files, so it indeed might be a bad idea to introduce a 
single point of failure here.

BR, Julian

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