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Re: Nomcom 2007-8 Chair's Report

2008-03-06 23:44:45
Lakshminath Dondeti skrev:

A report on the nomcom's activities is available at  Please direct 
any comments to ietf(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org(_dot_)  I will make a brief 
presentation at the 
IESG plenary.


    This document reports on the work of Nomcom 2007-8.  The topics of
    discussion include the experiences in starting the nomcom process
    early enough to facilitate the nomcom to do their work at 2 face-to-
    face meetings, the various logistical challenges involved in the
    nomcom process and the differing interpretations of RFC 3777 by
    different people and organizations involved in the process.  This
    document also discusses the challenges in the interaction between the
    nomcom and the confirmation bodies.

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thank you very much for providing the report - and thank you for trying 
to defend people's expectations of confidentiality!

I do agree with Scott that the process needs clarification - unlike him, 
I think it can be done without reopening 3777 on this point.

I'll have more to say when that discussion opens up.


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