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Re: Sharing information from questionnaires (Re: Nomcom 2007-8 Chair's Report)

2008-03-08 12:43:29

On Mar 7, 2008, at 1:10 AM, Harald Alvestrand wrote:

Lakshminath Dondeti wrote:

Agreed - and one of the process failures here is that a nomcom that
includes the previous chair and a liaison from the IAB designed a
questionnaire in ignorance of the stated requirements; if the IAB
expects the nomcom to consider the IAB's desires on the process when
starting work, it's the IAB's responsibility to call attention to  

Agreed, and the IAB has put mechanisms in place to ensure
that said requirements are explicitly provided to the NomCom
up front in the future, FWIW.

/your ignorant 2007-08 IAB NomCom Liaison
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