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Re: Was it foreseen that the Internet might handle 242 Gbps of traffic for Oprah's Book Club webinars?

2008-03-08 09:37:20

On Mar 8, 2008, at 10:02 AM, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

10 years ago I would have thought audiences of this scale or larger
would be supported with multicast...

And indeed they could be. Most consumer facing ISP's, however, say  
that they would rather not
deploy multicast (to save deployment money and gather content  
provider revenues) while
they complain about the high cost of supporting Peer to Peer. Some  
even pay good money to annoy their
customers by blocking said P2P traffic (TCP resets are the favored  
mechanism for this right now.)

If this seems broken, well, I think that it is.

I have to wonder, though, if any ISP will have the guts to block Oprah.



Dan York wrote:

Here's your Friday afternoon bit of humor - as you all who have been
around for a while were designing this set of Tubes known as the
Internet, did you imagine that someday it might be used for 242  
Gbps of
traffic related to 500,000 people joining a web collaboration session
for... Oprah's Book Club?

If you aren't aware of what I'm talking about, Oprah is hosting 10
weekly (Monday night) web collaboration sessions to discuss Eckhart
Tolle's new book "A New Earth".  Over 750,000 people have signed  
up and
this past Monday 500,000 tried to participate and basically  
crashed the
system. I have some links to various posts about it here in my blog:

The statement from her company, Harpo Productions, about the event is
and I'll
include this text:
Monday night's webcast was one of the largest single online events in
the history of the Internet. More than 500,000 people simultaneously
logged on to watch Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle live, resulting in
242 Gbps of information moving through the Internet.  
Unfortunately, some
of our users experienced delays in viewing the webcast. We are  
to identify the specific causes for the problems experienced and will
work diligently to rectify them.

Harpo Productions, Inc., Move Networks and Limelight Networks  
that interactive Internet broadcasting to a mass audience is still an
emerging medium, and we're proud to have been pioneers in pushing the
industry forward.

The plan is for the sessions to go on for the next 9 Monday  
nights.   So
on Monday night at 9pm Eastern US at IETF-71, if anyone wants to  
traffic patterns on the Internet, it might make for some interesting
metrics...  ;-)

See you in Philly,

Dan York, CISSP, Director of Emerging Communication Technology
Office of the CTO    Voxeo Corporation     dyork(_at_)voxeo(_dot_)com
Phone: +1-407-455-5859  Skype: danyork

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