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Re: Was it foreseen that the Internet might handle 242 Gbps of traffic for Oprah's Book Club webinars?

2008-03-08 15:17:00

On 8 mar 2008, at 11.36, Marshall Eubanks wrote:

I have to wonder, though, if any ISP will have the guts to block  

Why would they? Each one of the 750k "friends" of Oprah is paying for  
their IP packets, and the server hosting people also pay for their IP  

What is then wrong?

That the usage is "different" from what the access providers expected  
when they calculated the price people pay as compared to what it cost  
to produce? Or because some negotiations have failed (worked?)  
regarding transit?

I.e. to some degree I feel the same story but with different words  
where used in early 1990th when we saw the first gif images inline on  
web pages. "Here comes the wolf!"

I think "The Internet" very well can handle all 750k friends of Oprah,  
if just each friend and Oprah herself buy good Internet access.

Market economy at work...that is my view.


P.S. And if multicast is in use, or unicast or some othercast, that is  
from my point of view part of the "innovation" the ISPs have to do  
(and will do) to ensure that the production cost is as low as possible  
so that their margin is maximized.

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