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Re: Was it foreseen that the Internet might handle 242 Gbps of trafficfor Oprah's Book Club webinars?

2008-03-09 06:50:04
On 8 mar 2008, at 21.18, Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:

That's not how people tend to view Web video, there might be 50% of  
the crowd watching it as Oprah speaks but the rest are likely to be  
time shifted from a few secs to hours or even days.

As others have said, this time 500k people (out of 750k) really wanted  
to view this at the same time...

An application layer architecture with in built caching would be  
more efficient.

I completely agree with this. Caching/storage etc of video and other  
distributed data have during the years moved closer and closer to the  
end user (consumer of the data).

At first, we only had direct transmission of TV. Directly from the TV  
camera to the viewer. Then we had caching in the form of tapes at the  
TV channel. Now we have DVRs at peoples homes, which imply even TV  
series that are produced long in advance could be distributed  
beforehand and cached on peoples DVRs (encrypted -- so at the time of  
the "live" transmission, the data is unlocked). How many things/hours  
are actually live, *really* live?

And this "pre-distribution" could be done over IP-multicast.


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