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Re: Last Call: draft-klensin-rfc2821bis

2008-03-30 15:10:29

If an incorrect domain name is in an author or return handling  
address, there are bigger problems to solve than AAAA/MX.

Indeed, this is the problem - the problem is that such  
misconfiguration doesn't get detected since the address *seems* to  
work just fine.

The mail is "received", but  disappears into some never-seen /var  

So, a domain name erroneously appears in an address field and the  
references host erroneously accepts mail it shouldn't.

This degree of problematic operation is not likely to get solved  
with a new DNS construct.

If someone is sending out invalid email addresses, then that needs  
to get fixed, rather than working on some post-hoc mechanism.

The problem is that fixing this is made much more difficult than  
necessary by having the AAAA record.

Thus, disabling AAAA checking seems to provide much cleaner error   

Reasonable idea.

Let's do it for all Internet services, not just email.

Yes, some other time. Email just seems particularly prone to this  
problem due to the SMTP retry behavior. Most other services don't try  
for a week.

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