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Re: Visas to China

2010-01-12 14:22:22
On 2010-01-13 04:26, Ole Jacobsen wrote:
Since Andy mentioned visas I would like to give some vague and 
unhelpful advice :-)

Your mileage may, no, WILL, vary, so check the wiza wizards, 

That is *essential*. The rules, practical aspects, and delay
vary according to where you live and what passport you use. Make sure
your travel agent is accustomed to arranging visas for China; if not,
use a specialist agent for this. There will be a fee in addition to the
fee charged by the PRC consulate, but it's worth paying it.

In particular, find out *early* what you need in the way of an
invitation letter and/or official pre-approval. Don't assume this
is the same as for your colleagues.

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