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RE: Visas to China

2010-01-12 23:52:10
Fred Baker [mailto://fred(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com] writes:
I'll echo Ole and Brian. In general, I find the Chinese consulate/
embassy not very demanding. If you have a business reason for a multi-
entry visa, get one, but in general the standard tourist visa is
simplest to get and works fine.

Not advertising the service, but to give you an idea of what it looks
like, I'll point you at the web site of the company Cisco uses for
To get a visa to China, you need a visa application (download from the
web site) and a color "passport" photo. If you go for a "business"
visa, you need some demonstration of the business. "business" implies
you're trying to sell something or staying there for an extended
duration; to attend a conference such as an IETF meeting one generally
gets a tourist visa. Some countries need letters of invitation; I
would expect the host will have a facility up to get such.

The visa process at the Chinese Embassy is usually on the order of a
week; safety would suggest two. My multiple entry visa will expire
just before the meeting, so I plan to file for a new visa sometime in

I, too, have been to China a number of times and by far the most painless
visa acquisition process I've experienced was at the embassy here in
Bangkok: I just filled in a small portion of the application, handed it & my
passport over to some Thai folks with a desk just outside the door & came
back to pick up my multiple-entry visa 2 days later.  Total cost (above the
standard fees): about $20.  If you have a couple of extra days in your
schedule, I can highly recommend it (at least for US citizens).


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