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Re: what's a standard for, was Last Call

2015-09-11 09:28:40
It seems to me that the point of creating a standard is so that
systems can interoperate.  If we know in advance that the systems
handling the majority of the world's mail are vanishingly unlikely
to implement something, what's the point?

Using that argumentation we can close down XMPP work too, since google
and facebook, the 99% of chat messages, are deviating from XMPP on
purpose. What's the point of writing more XMPP documents?

It was definitely a victory for open standads when Google and Facebook
adopted XMPP for their systems.  The people I know at both companies
are pretty reasonable, so if they're diverging from the specs it's
unlikely to be just to be gratuitously incompatible.

Given their size, I agree that there are likely more XMPP users at
Google and Facebook than everywhere else combined which means that in
the real world, they're the standard that everyone will implement and
if we disagree, we're the outliers.  If we can't come up with
standards that they can use, or at least document what the largest
systems do so everyone else can interoperate, we're not much of a
standards organization.


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