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Re: [hackathon] What is the IPR policy for Hackathon? RE: [94all] IETF 94 - Hackathon Information

2015-09-28 13:19:56
I have added this to the IETF 94 hackathon wiki:


On 9/28/15, 8:56 AM, "Jari Arkko" <jari(_dot_)arkko(_at_)piuha(_dot_)net> wrote:

I have not heard further on this thread, but heard some
supportive comments of the overall principle, and
some suggestions regarding the details of how the
principle is applied.

I think that means that we are going ahead with the
upcoming and further IETF Hackathons under this principle:

You are free to work on any code, and the rules regarding
that code are what your organisation or open source project
says they are; the code itself is not an IETF contribution.
However, discussions, presentations, demos, are the
same type of IETF contributions as we make in working
groups, so, for instance, the usual IETF copyright or
IPR disclosure rules apply.

I believe this maximises the ability of everyone to

Lets put the above text into the wiki page. I have
also asked the IAOC legal committee to draft a more
exact definition and determine whether that needs
to become a more formal document as well as being
listed on the wiki page.


The question of rights is important for the Hackathon. I have a personal
perspective on this, largely from a pragmatic viewpoint.

My primary goal is to make it possible for people to hack the things
they want
to hack. This means that they should be able to work on Linux kernel and
whatever else, without causing issues in their ability to commit code
to the
relevant open source projects. And change existing code. And work
with others inside and outside the IETF Hackathon. To me this says:
the rules of the relevant open source project when it comes to

But code is not everything in the Hackathon. You also have discussions,
presentations, and demos. I think it is a reasonable assumption that the
usual IETF copyright and IPR rules apply there. For instance, that IETF
gets rights to use the slides in proceedings, or that if you convince
IETF colleagues to work on some cool extension, you should let the
IETF and those colleagues know about the IPR you know ofŠ