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Re: [hackathon] What is the IPR policy for Hackathon? RE: [94all] IETF 94 - Hackathon Information

2015-09-19 00:09:56

I agree it is a reasonable principle. But I still have a question.

IETF is individual based, however, not all open source project/community are 
individual based. Probably IPR rules of some of them are more adapted to 
organization membership, for example, it may require the member to license 
the member's patent for free, which match the contributed code by this 
member's employees. Put such open source project under Hackathon environment, 
who is the member for the project, IETF or the individual's affiliation? Is 
the Hackathon participant qualified to write code on or contribute it, if 
his/her affiliation is not a member of that project/community? etc...

Probably we could have a guideline for selection of open source project for 
Hackathon, or add some note (complementary to Note Well at Hackathon) to 
remind the project specific IPR rule to participants to make sure they are 
aware of it.

Those are good questions.

I don’t have a ready thought out answer for them. It would
seem though that it is easier and probably necessary for
an individual to work it out with his or her affiliation whether
contribution to a particular open source project is possible,
and what it might mean for the organisation. That is certainly
how it works in the corporate environments that I am familiar


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