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Re: meeting ietf-legacy ssid

2017-07-12 05:09:16
Hi Randy,

If you want to run experiments, I think that's fine, personally.  But as
to this:

On 7/12/17 10:37 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
On Wed, 12 Jul 2017 07:54:44 +0200, Eliot Lear wrote:
Why not just turn it off and see what happens?
because the noc thinks of the attendees as those strange critters called
"customers."  this creates implications for service continuity.

The rest of the world who aren't engineers seem to manage ok with WPA. 
Unless there is an accessibility requirement hidden here.  Another
approach: turn -legacy into a hotel network and simply ask people why
they're not using the other.  Not the most secure way to go about
things, but again, we're supposed to have a clue.


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