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Re: meeting ietf-legacy ssid

2017-07-12 10:06:42
Why not just turn it off and see what happens?
because the noc thinks of the attendees as those strange critters
called "customers."  this creates implications for service continuity.
[JL] Fair enough. How about any traffic to that SSID pops a user
message that says this is an old SSID and is being phased out, please
change to another one now, etc. The CAPPORT WG may have some running
code they can use to try this out. And as others have said, I would
bet that most prior attendees have many IETF SSIDs in their config and
turning one off will just result in the OS picking a different one on
the list.

ripe meeting solution, e.g. renaming the ietf-legacy ssid to
ietf-legacy##, for every meeting.

from the discussion so far, it is not clear that there are no folk
depending on legacy; excuse the double negative.


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