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Re: meeting ietf-legacy ssid

2017-07-12 15:13:36

I use "IETF Legacy" because 1) it is easy 2) if you think encrypting your 
traffic over the first 50 feet is all you need to do, well what can I say. (and 
of course I understand Randy and probably everyone else on this thread does not 
think that)

I'd use something else if it was as easy and worked as well - perhaps if we 
turned off Legacy, I would be forced to discover there was something I liked 
better but in general I am at IETF to get work done not to eat dog food. In 
general I think that the IETF has spent a good amount of time on "making it 
harder for the bad guys" but not enough time on making security "easy for the 
good guys". 

On Jul 11, 2017, at 6:34 PM, Randy Bush <randy(_at_)psg(_dot_)com> wrote:

the noc sees a quite large number of associations to the unencrypted
ietf-legacy ssid as opposed to say the encrypted ietf ssid

some of us are wondering if those using ietf-legacy

 o do not realize it is completely unencrypted over the air, or

 o don't care as their threat model sees runnin' nekkid over the air as
   not a significant additional weakness, or

 o believe that they are using sufficient encryption at higher layers
   to meet their needs, or

 o other

these days, some meetings do not provide unencrypted wifi at all and
seem not to get complaints.  maybe their attendees are just geekier
and/or more security conscious.

clue bat, please.  unicast responses accepted too.


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