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Re: [mail-vet-discuss] draft-kucherawy-sender-auth-header and last call draft-hoffman-dac-vbr-04

2008-11-11 04:43:24

On Nov 10, 2008, at 8:19 PM, Tony Hansen wrote:

I don't ever expect to see authentication results headers showing up  
under From/To/Cc headers.

With Apple mail,  one can select Preferences > Viewing > Show header  
detail: Custom.  Click '+' and type in "Authentication-Results".   
Presto, Authentication-Results will appear when available.  It does  
not take a major change to this app before people might normally be  
viewing this header.  Who knows , it just might become popular.

As such, it remains extremely important that this header not be  
deceptive.  It currently is for Sender-ID and SPF. : ^(

So, can you explain why the local-part of the email-address is  
contained in this header, but not the MTA IP address?  This is  
elevating information having unknown status, while neglecting to  
include extremely significant information needed to make subsequent  
assessments regarding MTA reputation or ownership.  While Received  
headers _might_ capture the IP address of the border MTA, it is often  
a challenge for the average user to know which header represents the  
border MTA.  In comparison, finding a single Authentication-Results  
header is child's play.


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