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[mail-vet-discuss] displaying reputation results (was Re: draft-kucherawy-sender-auth-header and last call draft-hoffman-dac-vbr-04)

2008-11-11 12:20:20
On 10/11/2008 21:19, "Tony Hansen" <tony(_at_)att(_dot_)com> wrote:

I don't ever expect to see authentication results headers showing up
under From/To/Cc headers. However, I do expect to start seeing the
results of *reputation lookups* to start appearing for those messages
that have been verified to be from certain domains and/or users. That
verification will come from a variety of mechanisms, including the use
of dkim, domainkeys, smime, openpgp, goodmail, trusted
authentication-results headers and parameters, etc. The merging of
domain/user-verification with various reputation services is what I and
many others are interested in seeing.

Yep, we've seen some of these already -- particularly in webmail -- and
there's been a lot of discussion of how best to do it.  Firefox add-ons like
WOT are basically the leading edge of implementation.  As I hinted earlier,
though, I the core of this is usability -- how the information is displayed,
and how users interact with the information -- rather than underlying

As I see it, the job of the IETF in this evolving process is to make sure
that the underlying nomenclature is flexible enough to allow user experience
& user interface developers to experiment.  We MUST NOT assume that there is
only one way to convey information, or only one type of information that
users will want to see.  And most of all, we MUST NOT get stuck on
stupidity, because that will simply convey to the rest of the industry that
the IETF is unrealistic and unhelpful -- so they'll give up on standards and
go off and invent their own proprietary thing.

(Full disclosure: I work for a company which may, if the IETF continues
whinging over nothings, go off and invent our own proprietary thing.  But
I'd prefer a standard, and so would almost everyone else who works here.)

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