Re: Mharc 101 ...

2003-01-05 14:41:30
Hi Earl,

Huge thx !!! It works great now just as I needed !!!

Just two more questions to make me 100% happy :-)

The generated index.html at <mharc-root>/html/<list-name>/index.html
does not contail the search window. Is there any way to add it there as
well ? Of course when I go deeper to look per Date or Thread search is
there and works fine. 

The only thing I see there now is:

2002-11:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 1756 bytes] 
2002-06:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 22762 bytes] 
2002-04:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 12432 bytes] 
2002-01:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 4250 bytes] 
2001-03:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 3066 bytes] 
2000-11:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 13324 bytes] 
2000-07:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 5224 bytes] 
1999-12:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 18340 bytes] 
1999-04:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 8776 bytes] 
1998-03:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 9720 bytes] 

It would also be great to have one huge index of all lists accessible at
the top of lists.html <mharc-root>/html/lists.html 

Currenly I only have: 

Name   Current Index    Last Updated
sent   [Date]  [Thread] 2003-01-04 00:43:41 
drafts [Date]  [Thread] 2002-11-27 15:57:04 

Are any of the above possible with some switch ?


Earl Hood wrote:

On January 5, 2003 at 21:13, Robert Raszuk wrote:

So in my case lists.def is empty and I was hoping to get <list-name-x>
taken directly from the raw file name mharc is parsing.

You can use mbox-month-pack.  Something like:

  mbox-month-pack -outdir <mharc-root>/mbox/<list-name> mail.mbox

Then invoke,

  <mharc-root>/bin/web-archive -verbose

To generate the HTML archives.

CAUTION: Make sure to read the Limitations section of the
mbox-month-pack manual page if you plan to use the script
repeatedly on the same mailbox.

Most likely it is one msg as my lists.def is empty :). I was thinking
that you are using def mhonarc as the first phase and that it will cut
those raw files into separate html files ignoring any procmail
processing on the raw file.

Even if not using the procmail piece, you still need to define
a lists.def file.  It is still used by web-archive for a couple
of things.  I think the list addresses are not needed, but
you should at least define the Name: and Description: options.

PS. Ideally the only piece I relly need out of mharc (which looks really
nice) would be to auto generate index.html based on already existing
mhonarc output files and generated also namazu indexes :) Is this
possible out of the box somehow or should I start thinking about my own

It should be doable.  The key piece is getting the raw mail into
the raw archive format used by mharc.  Once you do that, web-archive
can be used to generate the HTML archives and namazu search indexes.


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