Re: Mharc 101 ...

2003-01-05 23:53:08
On January 5, 2003 at 22:41, Robert Raszuk wrote:

The generated index.html at <mharc-root>/html/<list-name>/index.html
does not contail the search window. Is there any way to add it there as
well ?

It should contain the search window.  Did you run

  make configure

Under <mharc-root>.

Check the MAIN_HEADER and MAIN_FOOTER variables in lib/

Of course when I go deeper to look per Date or Thread search is
there and works fine. 

The only thing I see there now is:

2002-11:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 1756 bytes] 
2002-06:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 22762 bytes] 
2002-04:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 12432 bytes] 
2002-01:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 4250 bytes] 
2001-03:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 3066 bytes] 
2000-11:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 13324 bytes] 
2000-07:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 5224 bytes] 
1999-12:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 18340 bytes] 
1999-04:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 8776 bytes] 
1998-03:  [Date]  [Thread]  [mbox: 9720 bytes] 

It looks like you did not run "make configure" to process
the .in template files.

It would also be great to have one huge index of all lists accessible at
the top of lists.html <mharc-root>/html/lists.html 

Currenly I only have: 

Name   Current Index    Last Updated
sent   [Date]  [Thread] 2003-01-04 00:43:41 
drafts [Date]  [Thread] 2002-11-27 15:57:04 

Are any of the above possible with some switch ?

I fail to understand the question since the listing you provided is
the index listing all archives.  Then list is based upon lib/lists.def.
You can change the name and URL of the all-lists file via the
ALL_LISTS_FILE and ALL_LISTS_URL variables in lib/


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