2002-11-07 02:47:43
Earl Hood wrote:

>True. I didn't use password protection here, since I wanted to make a
>simple pipe from for instance a .forward file possible.

I'd then make it configurable. By default, password check is done, but then a configuration variable can be set for those that want to bypass it.

I've done that.

You may want to consider adding a max upload size parameter to check against CONTENT_LENGTH, and abort the request if CONTENT_LENGTH is too large.

Did that, too.

On one of the servers where I tested it, $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'} was empty. But on that server, I could grab the message size via (stat(STDIN))[7] instead, so I'm using (stat(STDIN))[7] as a 'fall back'. Is there a risk that neither of them will work?

I set 100 KiB as the default maxsize. Do you think that's reasonable?

You can then remind me about your and insure I get the latest copy before the release is made.

Will do.

I recommend that you run pod2html on your script and make the
output available on your site.

Have never done that, but I'll check it out.

I have moved the script to
(I might change web hosting provider, and cannot be sure that anonymous ftp will keep being available, at least not with the same URL.)

/ Gunnar

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