Re: [Bug #2080] Redundant substitution

2002-12-30 01:11:20
Earl Hood wrote:
I use Galeon, which uses the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. Without the substitution, some line breaks are "lost" due to the inherent rendering characteristics of the browser (i.e. line breaks after a start (<pre>) tag and before a close (<pre>) tag are typically ignored).

At the end of this message is the test mesasge text I test against. I used it for testing the flowed and fanyquote.

Okay, by help of your test message I now see that, if you comment out line 495, some blank lines are lost in a Gecko browser when doing 'fancyquote' conversion. But your test message also proves that this issue must be taken care of using some other method.

Attached to this message you find a .zip file with two fancyquote conversion examples where your test message was used. The first example was converted using the current code, while I used a modified when converting the second example.

Even if the source code differs, you don't notice a difference between the examples in a Gecko browser. But if you view example 1 with Internet Explorer, the page is screwed up.

In the modified file I used, I had commented out line 495, and added this "post-processing cleanup" code for fancyquote:

    $ret =~ s/(<pre[^>]*>\s*)([^<])/$1\n$2/g;

/ Gunnar

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