Re: [Bug #2080] Redundant substitution

2002-12-31 08:02:49
Earl Hood wrote:

+               $chunk =~ s/\A\n/\n\n/;

Yeah, that should do it as well. Now both my Gecko and MSIE browsers are happy. :)

Unfortunately, when testing with Opera, your previous solution was better... I tried to find a fix for this new problem, but didn't find anything simple enough. On the other hand, the current Opera rendering is acceptable, while the previous MSIE rendering was not.

Whether we like it or not (I don't either), MSIE is the most common browser, and even if the previous code was legal, it's practically impossible to release a program whose output is messed up with MSIE.

Guess you don't want me to mention NS4. Sorry.

/ Gunnar

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