[bug #4622] Duplicate entries in database if .html files not created

2003-08-04 12:10:11
=================== BUG #4622: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: vlbrown                 Project: MHonArc                      
Submitted on: Mon 08/04/2003 at 19:08
Category:  Database                   Severity:  5 - Major                  
Bug Group:  Incorrect Behavior        Resolution:  None                     
Assigned to:  None                    Status:  Open                         
Platform Version:  Unix               Perl Version:  5.6.1                  
Component Version:  2.6.6             Fixed Release:                        

Summary:  Duplicate entries in database if .html files not created

Original Submission:  Somehow I got into a situation where mhonarc was failing 
to create the .html files in the outdir. The attachments were converted 
correctly to .jpg files; the database was updated; no .html files were created.

Apparently mhonarc checks for the existence of a .html file before adding an 
entry to the database. Because there was no .html file, I reached a situation 
where the database contained FIVE entries for msg00022.html (and no file named 
msg00022.html was ever created).

I think mhonarc should look in the database to see if it has an entry before 
creating another entry of the same name.  (and complain!!)

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