Re: [bug #4622] Duplicate entries in database if .html files not created

2003-08-04 13:55:36
On August 4, 2003 at 12:43, Vicki Brown wrote:

At 15:17 -0400 2003-08-04, nobody(_at_)nongnu(_dot_)org wrote:
=================== BUG #4622: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Can't get there from here:
   Fatal error :  Cannot redeclare browser_get_agent() in  
   /usr/local/savannah/src/savannah/frontend/php/include/browser.php on line

I believe savannah was hacked this weekend, so the GNU folks are
busy checking things.  I've noticed that their ssh server ID got

Changes by: Earl Hood <earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com>
Date: Mon 08/04/2003 at 14:17 (US/Central)

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ---------------------------
Can you provide sample input, along with invocation options,

that recreates this problem?

I have no idea what I did that prevented the .html files from being written.
I am frustrated and stumped. I ended up re-building the database with
mha-dbrecover and redoing a lot of my work.

I'm afraid you'll have to look at the code. mhonarc is capable of placing
duplicate entries into its database; I had 5 database entries for the (still
nonexistent) msg00022.html

Saving the abnormal .mhonarc.db file would have helped since I am
not sure what you mean by "duplicate entries".  There are multiple
hashes in the database that will have the same set of keys, so this
is normal.  The format of .mhonarc.db has Perl 4 legacies in it,
so muliple hashes had to be used to store aggregate data.

The problem MAY have happened because I wasn't doing everything as the
appropriate user... but I can't see why that would cause the db to be updated
without creating the .html file for the mail message.

Could depend on your file permissions.  What is of interest that
there were no errors or warnings generated.  Did you notice any
temporary files in the archive directory?  Example would be files
with apparent random names?  Something like "tmsg_NNNNN_XXXXXXXXXX"
where NNNNN is a number and XXXXXXXXXX is a random string.

MHonArc using File::Temp for creating temporary files and there
are some security checks it does.  If you were doing things as different
users, it may be possible that File::Temp did not like something, but
failed to generate an error/warning.  If you do not have File::Temp
installed, MHonArc uses its own temp file generation code, but it does
not include any security checks like File::Temp.


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