Re: [bug #4622] Duplicate entries in database if .html files not created

2003-08-06 17:54:53
On August 6, 2003 at 14:27, Vicki Brown wrote:

I'm afraid I don't understand... the database gets correupted and somehow
allows itself to create 15 entries for the same named html file (though the
file is never created) and this is "consistent" behaviour" and somehow not a
"valid" bug?

As was said, this is the behavior when MSGPGS resource is disabled.
When disabled, HTML filenames are meaningless, so the %IndexNum hash
is irrelevant.  I.e.  The database is not corrupted.  The key question
is, "What caused MSGPGS to be disabled?"

_I_ certainly didn't disable anything... Whatever caused this to become
disabled was _not_ correct behaviour.

Well, you have not provided information that allows one to reproduce
the behavior you are experiencing.  Therefore, it is unknown if it is a
MHonArc problem or a usage or an environment problem (like something
wrong with perl itself).  And since you are the only user that has
reported this problem, it appears you are the one who will have to
investigate what it may be, and if it is MHonArc, you can report back
and/or submit a patch.

I'm sure your 20 years of *nix experience and programming will help
you figure it out.


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