Re: Determing Threads

2005-04-19 16:38:00
On 4/19/05, Earl Hood <earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com> wrote:

Have you looked at the $TSLICE$ resource variable?  I.e.  If you
provide more info on what you are trying to do, there may already
be features that do what you need.

I'm experimenting with a format where, instead of rebuilding the
entire tree, new messages are output incrementally.  I think this
would be necessary for using MHonArc for formats other than HTML
archives (RSS feeds, perhaps, or text messages).  I'd like to be able
to process a mbox, take the new messages, and output them - but
identify each message with a unique id to its thread, so that the
final output device (aggregator, phone, whatever) can associate it.

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