Re: Changes summary for next release of mhonarc

1996-01-24 18:29:00
At 12:58 AM 1/25/96 +0100, you wrote:
Earl Hood said:
I believe I got all the enhancements/fixes I'm going to do for
the next release of mhonarc.

I keep looking for a price tag of $500, and I don't find one anywhere.  Can
it be that this great tool is free, in source form from which others can
learn good Perl programming style?

The big thing to do now is update the documentation (Ugh).  However,
if anyone is interested in testing out the next release, I can make
a tar bundle available.  I should warn that some changes are
significant, so have care on testing.  I'd try it out on some
test mail first before using it on any main archives.

I could definitely test a beta with NTPerl 5.001 and Win95.  I may be able
to try a DOS BigPerl 4.  Turnaround time could be as long as two weeks, if
that would be a problem.

My message collections remain free of MIME messages, which will limit the
thoroughness in this area.

-- SP