Buglets/fixes (Was: Re: Changes summary for next release of mhonarc)

1996-01-25 18:09:55
Earl Hood said:
I would like to test the first (and last) beta version.

 > Changes list:
 [ long enhancement list deleted...]


v1.2.0b1 can be retrieved at

Note: The documentation in doc/ has not been updated.  The README
CHANGES, and RELNOTES are updated.


Here are my 3 cents (patches at the end). Unfortunately I didn't 
found to time to test/play with the new features. I will try a
bit more next Mondoay

        DEC OSF/1 V3.2c
        perl5.002b2,   perl5.001m ( I call it the old version :-) )

1) There is a wrong RE that prevents mhonarc to start up:

      % bin/mhonarc
      /([\!\%\w\(_dot_)-\+=]+(_at_)[\w\(_dot_)-]+)/: invalid [] range in regexp 
      bin/mhonarc line 1871.

   The fix was to move the minus to the start of the range:


2) Typo in mhonarc -help message

         -help                 : This mesage

3) Get date part fills parse_date return list into wrong array:

        local($wday, $mday, $mon, $yr, $time, $hr, $min, $sec, $zone) =
   because $time is not returned $hr gets out of range (
   dies). $hr is filled with the seconds. Fix:

        local($wday, $mday, $mon, $yr, $hr, $min, $sec, $zone) =

4) -idxsize ignores negative numbers. 

   Nice to have feature: I would like if -<#> would
   display the first <#> of messages in an archive. But the
   final sulution would be a allow message range (alla mh?)

Unfortunately I didn't found the time today to test/play much
with the new features. I will try more next Monday.

Thanks, once more for the great mhonarc tool,

--- 1.1 1996/01/25 20:13:44
+++ bin/mhonarc 1996/01/25 21:53:34
@@ -1210,7 +1210,8 @@
        $date = shift @array;
     if ($date =~ /\w/) {
-       local($wday, $mday, $mon, $yr, $time, $hr, $min, $sec, $zone) =
+       #local($wday, $mday, $mon, $yr, $time, $hr, $min, $sec, $zone) =
+       local($wday, $mday, $mon, $yr, $hr, $min, $sec, $zone) = #ach
        if ($zone) {
            $index = &timegm($sec,$min,$hr,$mday,$mon,
@@ -1868,9 +1869,9 @@
 sub mailto {
     local(*str) = shift;
     if ($MAILTOURL) {
-       $str =~ s|([\!\%\w\(_dot_)-\+=]+(_at_)[\w\(_dot_)-]+)|&mailUrl($1)|ge;
+       $str =~ s|([-\!\%\w\(_dot_)\+=]+(_at_)[-\w\(_dot_)]+)|&mailUrl($1)|ge;
     } else {
-       $str =~ s|([\!\%\w\(_dot_)-\+=]+(_at_)[\w\(_dot_)-]+)|<A 
+       $str =~ s|([-\!\%\w\(_dot_)\+=]+(_at_)[-\w\(_dot_)]+)|<A 
@@ -2180,7 +2181,7 @@
   -footer <file>       : File containing user text for bottom of index page
   -genidx               : Output index to stdout based upon archive contents
   -header <file>       : User text to include at top of index page
-  -help                 : This mesage
+  -help                 : This message
   -idxfname <name>     : Name of index page
                            (def: "maillist.html")
   -idxsize <#>          : Maximum number of messages shown in indexes