Re: Changes summary for next release of mhonarc

1996-01-24 18:44:17
I could definitely test a beta with NTPerl 5.001 and Win95.  I may be able
to try a DOS BigPerl 4.  Turnaround time could be as long as two weeks, if
that would be a problem.

That's fine.  I'm unsure when the documentation will get updated.  It
may take more time to update the documentation then it was to implement
the enhancements/fixes.

My message collections remain free of MIME messages, which will limit the
thoroughness in this area.

I can always send you some MIME messages if you desire.  Just ask.


P.S.  To anyone: major browning points to anyone that can try
mhonarc out under MacPerl.  I modfied mhonarc to handle MacPerl
(hopefully) but have no way to test it out.  Also, I'd like to
know how installation should be handled under MacPerl.