Re: Question on Errors

1996-04-12 17:34:22
Earl Hood writes:
Delete the existing ".mhonarc.lck" file.  It appears one has been
left behind from an abnormal temrinated mhonarc process.  If a lock
file exists, mhonarc will try for awhile to lock it before it gives
up.  The amount of times it tries can be set via -locktries.

Having experienced such problems with Majordomo in the past, we
decided to build a safe lock-breaking mechanism into HyperNews.  The
lock maker essentially guarantees they will be done after some short
period of time (should be configurable).  If for some unforseen reason
the lock is left around longer than it should, then we lock the lock
(breaking that lock is possible too), remove the lock, and continue on
as if the lock were not there in the first place.  A single email
should be sent to the administrator about the broken lock.

It could be better, but the basic idea is sound.   It is based on
the realization that faults happen, so recover from them rather than
just continue to fail.

Daniel LaLiberte (liberte(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu)
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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