Re: mail attachments

1996-07-15 03:52:01
Albert Chin-A-Young said:
If a MIME attachment is a mail message, MHonArc seems to think the mail
message is two separate messages. I'm running 1.2.3 with perl5.002 and
can read the mail message with elm correctly but when processing it
with MHonArc, it says it reads two messages. There's a message in the
resulting html file which says:
          Could not process message with given Content-Type:
          multipart/mixed; boundary=%#%record%#%

albert chin (RC cola)

If your send your bug report with the message in question included it would
be easier to verify the problem.  Nevertheless I can image two reasons
why mhonarc fails to convert the message:

1) The boundary specification is invalid. From rfc1521:

   boundary := 0*69<bchars> bcharsnospace

   bchars := bcharsnospace / " "

   bcharsnospace :=    DIGIT / ALPHA / "'" / "(" / ")" / "+" /"_"
                 / "," / "-" / "." / "/" / ":" / "=" / "?"

"%" and "#" are not listed as valid characters.If the boundary
contains non DIGITs or non ALPHAs it also has to be surrounded
by double quotes.

2) If you use a mbox and lines starting with "From " are not escaped
in a message body mhonarc (correctly) assumes that this is the start
of the next message.

I have not checked in what of these pitfalls one runs first.

Hope this helps,
P.S. It never hurts to list the OS, mhonarc and perl version

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