Re: mail attachments

1996-07-17 10:05:29

Ok, here's the message I'm trying to feed to mhonarc (with boundary

From chinay  Sun Jul 14 23:20:30 1996
Content-Length:       2272
Status: RO

Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Name: foo1
Content-Length: 2026

From bennett  Sat Jul 13 17:44:55 1996

Ugh, the horrors.  From what I see, there is no way to get mhonarc to
do what you want without code modification.  There are two possible
solutions that I see:

        o  Preprocess the message so that any lines starting with
           "From" have a ">" prefixing it.  Solaris
           systems do provide such a program: mailcompat. Or you
           can write your own.

        o  Modify mhonarc to recognize the Content-Length field.

The second is the most desirable, but I do not know off-hand how
much effort that will require.  I'll add to my todo list.

BTW, your attachment is NOT a mail message with respect to MIME.
If it was, it should have a content-type of "message/rfc822".  Also,
the first "From bennett ..." would cause the attached message to
be illegal with respect to rfc822.


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