Unknown Content-Types & crashes

1996-07-16 15:54:36
I have one question and one report for MHonArc v1.2.3.

I am interested in having "Unknown Content-Type" messages saved as
plain text instead of the warning message about it being unknown.
I am archiving a mailing-list that people sometimes include
mail attachments using the SunOS Mailtool program.  This has
a really non-standard way of including attachments.  It puts
the Content-Type as "X-sun-attachment" though.  I tried telling
mhonarc to using the plain text filter when it see's this using
this in the rc file:


but this still showed the warning message without the text.  Is there
anyway to achieve what I want?

Second, this is a very vague bug report.  There is something different
between v1.2.2 and v1.2.3 that causes perl to do coredumps.
If I do a "-single" process of even the simplest email message that
also includes an "-rcfile" option then it core dumps.  Without
the "-rcfile" line it works fine.  This is true with any of the example
rc files that came with the package.

It seems to be related to the fact I'm using perl5.  When I changed
over to perl4 it started working again.


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